15 funniest and most huggable huggybird quotes

Huggybird is known as the most huggable bird. In the first place because you can hug Huggybird safely; before, after and even during Corona / Covid-19. No 1,5 meter measures because you can hold this pluche Huggybird tightly against you at all times. That’s the advantage of plush.

Not only is his cuddly factor very high, but also his sense of humor. You have probably seen them before: the quotes with a Huggybird twist.

A selection of the funniest and cuddly quotes from Huggybird. We’ve listed the 15 cutest.

1. What is the problem of Blue Monday. I am really happy with the color blue. Crazy, huh?

2. Try to take a little light with you every time you run against the lamp. Then it is not so dark in the house or on the road

3. Early love is sniffing each other, but especially cuddling with each other.

4. A day without a hug is a lost day. go hug somebody!

5. A hug is like a boomerang, you get it right back

6. A compliment is… a hug in a gift box

7. A hug a day keeps the doctor away

8. Love is a tickle in your stomach that you can’t scratch

10. Hugs are hand kisses blown to us by angels

11. The road to love is paved with lovely hugs

12. Every Huggybird cuddles as it is born; with lots of love

13. Whoever is closest to another person has the best chance of a warm hug

14. Silence and thinking will not hurt anyone. Give the occasional hug to refuel.

15. Whoever says H must also say B. Otherwise you will never get Huggybird

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