Eight different types of hugs and their meaning

In times of corona, we notice more than ever how important physical contact is for us. The 1,5 meter measures make us more aware of this than ever before. Hugging is an essential form of physical touch for a reason. We have been hugged since the day we are born. New parents know this like no other. There is nothing better than cuddling with your little one. But don’t forget your partner of course, because he or she also deserves this form of wonderful attention.

Did you know that there are many forms of hugs. For example, a hug can represent friendship, love, romance, security or emotional support. What ways of hugging are there and what is their meaning.

The 8 different types of hugs

  1. The side hug

The name says it all, you stand shoulder to shoulder. The arms are usually wrapped around the waist. You often see the side hug in photos. So you’re not fully cuddling, according to intimacy expert Julian Colker. In short, this occurs more often with acquaintances and less often with friends

  1. The friendly hug

This one is clearly not romantic or sexual. This is a hug where you hug the other person completely, chest against each other. In short, somewhat firm but still friendly.

  1. The hug from behind

You guessed it, with this hug you stand behind the person and you embrace the other from behind. With your partner more romantic, but with your child it strengthens your parent-child relationship. Often the tallest of the bunch is behind, because that’s the best hug.

  1. The front hug around the waist

Both persons are facing each other and they are holding their arms around each other’s waist. The perfect way to look each other in the eye and maybe this could be a good invitation for a kiss. Indeed, this hug is more intimate and romantic.

  1. The big hug

This hug can last a little longer than the other kind of hugs. When you cuddle in this way, it gives a feeling of safety and security. You grab each other tightly and possibly put your face on the chest of another. This hug is extremely suitable as emotional support

  1. The one-sided hug

With this hug only one person does the work. This person puts his arms over the side of the other and presses them a little more towards him. The other person does nothing. Although you can always give another a hug and mutual (friendly) love can be involved, this hug is generally seen as forced according to intimacy expert Julian Colke

  1. The heart-to-heart hug

An intense hug, but not as firm as the firm hug. You press the top left sides of each other’s bodies together so that you hug from heart to heart. Something different than normal, because then you would be pressing against the other with the right upper body. This hug is also aimed at safety. That can be between friends or lovers.

  1. The Huggybird hug

This should of course not be missing from the list. The most delicious hug of all, the Huggybird hug. For this hug you of course need the Huggybird hug . Perfect for younger children, from 2 to 8 years for example. When your parents aren’t around, snuggle in bed together. Or during a nice movie, together with mom or dad on the couch. Add Huggybird and it immediately becomes extra cozy (lol).

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