Why is reading aloud so much fun to do with your child

You probably read a book together with your father or mother during your childhood. Also, chances are someone has ever told you that reading aloud is good for you. In the beginning the simple picture books, later the more difficult stories, until reading books yourself.

Research has shown that you should start reading stories as early as possible. Even if your child can already read on their own, reading to them is still useful. In the first place, of course, because it is cozy and fun. A wonderful moment together. However, there are many benefits to reading a book with your child.

Picture books: the usefulness of the illustrations and the repetition

As a parent a well-known phenomenon; read the same story for the umpteenth time. You may want to read a different story once in a while, but your child keeps asking for repetition.

Therein lies the benefit of reading aloud, the power of repetition. The repetition not only ensures that children learn more words, but also that their understanding of the words is deeper.

Especially when the story has matching illustrations. The illustrations are a great aid for children to remember difficult, unfamiliar words better and to understand the story even better. Many children’s books are therefore also picture books, stories in which there is a lot to look at through illustrations. These preferably tie in very well with the story.

Interactive reading helps enormously

Bringing more interaction into your story will help immensely. This gives you the space to ask questions, have your child look at the pictures or point to the text. Together on a journey of discovery through the story.

The advantage is that this gives language and reading skills an extra boost. Children who are asked about pictures, characters and events in the story appear to make more progress on their vocabulary than preschoolers who are read without interaction, according to a meta-analysis of 38 studies ( Flack, Field & Horst, 2018 )

Father and mother have a different way of reading

Research shows that fathers and mothers have their own unique way of reading aloud. Fathers have a different style of reading, which is very good. For example, dads often have a more mature tone while reading, they use more difficult words and regularly come up with extra storylines. This makes a book that is read for the umpteenth time just a bit different.

When fathers read to them, it makes more of an impression on their children. Moreover, a father who reads (or reads aloud) is especially an example for sons! That is why it is important that both parents pay attention to the reading.

The five extra reasons to read aloud

1. Lovely moment with your child

In our busy schedule it is sometimes difficult to spend a lot of quality time with your child or children. By making time to read to him every day, you can focus all of his attention on him and her. These wonderful moments together strengthen the bond between parent and child.

It also helps to provide regularity and rest. By reading a story every day just before going to bed, you give children structure.

2. Boost concentration

Your child learns to listen well and to concentrate while reading. Especially by looking at pictures and fun and exciting stories, then the attention is easier to hold. The older the children get, the longer they will focus on the story. You can even start reading to them while they are still babies. Of course you need simpler picture books and shorter, simpler stories.

3. Increase vocabulary

Reading aloud also helps to learn more words. Your child comes into contact with all kinds of letters, words and sentences and thereby increases his or her vocabulary. This will come in handy when they go to school, because reading comprehension is important.

4. Development of the fantasy

The fun and exciting stories with illustrations often provide enough space to fantasize other fun things. The different stories and events make your child think and stimulate the imagination in this way. Of course you, as a parent, can also help by fantasizing. Bring out the inner child in you and fantasize on your way. That is not only fun, but also cozy.

5. Reading is not only fun, but also makes curious

Reading makes you feel good. For you and your child. During reading, dopamine is released, which is a substance that is part of the reward system of the brain. It makes us feel satisfied and rewarded. It also makes him or her curious, because it also ensures that information is transferred from one nerve cell to another. Like some kind of message.

In short, reading is just fun! Especially with my picture books of course, haha. Okay, okay, of course also with other fun reading books.

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